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Bank robbery thief – robber

4.8 ( 5088 ratings )
Hry Zábava Family Strategy
Vývojář: sky hill

bank robbers gambling in world famous game.
Bank robbery is a challenging, fast paced, running game that is easy to pick up and play and has a unique toon inspired style. and you need luck as much as skills. Bank robbery is a refreshing change from the common games out there. It’s very addictive and easy to play….bank robbery will definitely be a good addition to your collection of Police vs Thief or Robber vs Guard games.

*******How to Play**********

- Scanning the bank building.
- The robber is disabling the security camera of the bank.
- Go the bank locker room escaping the security guard & his view. If you come under his view, you will be arrested.
- Connect the correct wires to make the bomb.
- Break the lock of the locker room with the bomb.
- Reach to the locker while escaping the laser lights.
- Open the locker with the given keys in 5 trials.
- Drag the bundle of money into the bag with the hands.
- Now, go out to the bank in the same way as you came inside.